Aiding the fast growth of India, Lucknow, which is at the top in terms of rapidly growing infrastructure development, will be a haven for investors. Lucknow is certainly the brightest smart city in India, and if we look at the pace of the city’s development, its potential is probably going to be millions of times more in the future than it is at present. Thus, in one of India’s most developed cities, it is never too late to make it your next commercial destination and get the full rewards of your real estate investments.

The latest wave in retail investment post-COVID has attracted attention from not only real estate investors but also the people of Lucknow. The quick success seen by Lucknow Development Authority in its real estate development projects also ignites interest in retail investment. Multi-tenant buildings typically occupy between two and eight floors and have a gross floor area of 56 square metres or more per unit.

Apart from that, the sheer number of investments in commercial properties in Lucknow is not only the demand for residential spaces but also urban infrastructure developments. In Lucknow, commercial properties include offices, warehouses, schools, airports, and mixed-use retail spaces. Investors find the offerings’ enormous diversity appealing. Due to its less liquid and more unpredictable market, investing in commercial real estate has shown to be more dynamic than that of residential real estate.

Reasons to Invest in Lucknow’s Commercial Real Estate

  • Strategic Location: Lucknow is well-connected to all major cities with a strong rail, road, and aviation network. The Metro train network has improved Lucknow’s citizens’ experience with local transportation by making it more convenient and speedy. Major roadways like NH25, NH28, and NH56 are located there. The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport handles hundreds of landing and takeoffs each day.

  • Rapid Development: Recently, Lucknow has experienced significant development. Without question, it has emerged as a premier site for major state development projects. In the city, the government has launched a number of infrastructure development initiatives. The 100-kilometer Outer Ring Road, Knowledge Park situated between Jail Road and Mohan Road, a 150-meter-wide ring road, and other projects have been undertaken by the Lucknow Development Authority, or LDA. According to the Master Plan 2021, the Town and Country Planning project, which comprises roughly 197 periphery villages, would be incorporated in the master plan in order to accommodate the massive migratory population of nearly 65 lakh people by 2031.

  • Heightened Lifestyle: The majority of the amenities are installed in the township by the builders to give the residents a better quality of life. For instance, look into the Migsun Group if you’re looking for top-notch commercial retail spaces in Lucknow with cutting-edge amenities. The newly launched Migsun Lucknow Central, which is right next to Medanta Hospital on Amar Shaheed Path, Sushant Golf City, has paved the way for a lot of investments. These include world-class retail spaces, a food court, an entertainment zone, and a lot more. You may expect a retail space like no other with these features.

And much more! There are many compelling reasons to invest in Lucknow commercial real estate, all of which are covered in this blog. You may check out Migsun Lucknow Central if you’re looking to own retail space in Lucknow’s prime location of Amar Shaheed Path, Sushant Golf City, right next to Medanta Hospital, and you can be certain that your choice will be made based on the information you recently read on this site. Lucknow’s many amenities and growth make investing in real estate a truly profitable choice.

Migsun Lucknow Central: The New Nawab of Lucknow

With the intention of creating a business district in Lucknow, the Migsun Group purchased land from the Medanta Group. The Migsun Group plans to construct a mixed-use retail project named Migsun Lucknow Central at a cost of Rs 426 crores on the three-sided open plot site in Lucknow, which is close to the Medanta Hospital. Dubbed the “New Nawab in Town,” Migsun Lucknow Central will contain state-of-the-art commercial and retail spaces right near Medanta Hospital in Sushant Golf City, on the well-known Amar Shaheed Path in Lucknow. These spaces would include:

  • An entertainment zone with three levels of protection situated within a retail complex.
  • A designated parking lot
  • A high-speed elevator and the composting of food waste 

Among many amenities!

Why Is Location the Most Important Factor?

The Migsun project in Lucknow is a prime illustration of how location matters in commercial real estate investments. This building combines the ideas of a chic food court, high-end retail establishments, and contemporary offices. It is located close to Medanta Hospital on Shaheed Path Road in Sushant Golf City.

The well-known Migsun Group is the source of Migsun Lucknow. Central commercial districts are poised to become Lucknow’s ultimate retail destination, offering top-notch services and contemporary spaces in a prime location. They will quickly become the most important project in the city.

Concerning Migsun Group

The rapidly expanding Lucknow-based Migsun Group is a real estate conglomerate that has accumulated a diverse portfolio of assets in the residential, commercial, and retail domains that collectively occupy 1858060.8 square meters (both developed and under construction) inside the National Capital Region. The unique aspect of Migsun Group is rooted in its contemporary, eco-friendly real estate, which stretches into internationally connected communities. As far as the Migsun Group is concerned, the main factor in their outstanding performance in the course has always been their classy and project-delivery approach. Twelve thousand happy customers have maintained the brand’s reputation of trust throughout the years. Customer centricity is the cornerstone of the brand’s operations.


In conclusion, Lucknow is a top place for real estate investment because of its commercial real estate, strategic position, and rich cultural heritage. Investment prospects in Lucknow’s real estate market are many, regardless of your investment goals: stable rental income or long-term capital appreciation.